Moving is Hard, Reason Number 1: I Love My Job

I am currently working in a new position as a teaching assistant with blind and visually impaired children. I have worked at this school, in various positions, for about a year and a half. This new position, which I took on about one month ago, is different for me because I work with the same students and staff members every day. I love this because it really helps me do my job better. I’m able to build a rapport, not only with my students, who are awesome and amazing, but also with the huge network of staff members. I have found that I really love working on a team to have people to bounce ideas off of and really provide great care and education to my students.

Improving my relationships with other staff members has also brought me something a little unexpected: praise. In the past few weeks, several of my coworkers have complimented me in a big way. And this is obviously a good thing, it makes me feel great about myself and the job I’ve been doing. But when someone says something like, “I really hope that you’ll be working here for a long, long time,” and I have to respond with, “Actually, I won’t be coming back in September,” it makes me feel terrible. And on this past Friday, I told my students I wouldn’t be returning, and they just about made me cry. Add to that the fact that finding a job in California has not been easy, this just makes me sad.

I know that I will find another job with kids that are almost as cool as the kids I work with now, but until then, the search will continue. I am proud that I am good at my job and glad that my hard work has been recognized here, but for other reasons, I’m gonna have to move on. : (

(Apologies for the vagueness and lack of pictures in this entry; in order to protect my own privacy and that of my students, I needed to keep it general.)

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6 Responses to Moving is Hard, Reason Number 1: I Love My Job

  1. fisheye says:

    It's hard to say good bye to such a great situation. You will be happy when you find a new niche.

  2. aurorafedora says:

    if you're great there, you can be great anywhere!!!

  3. epstemar says:

    Moving is hard, reason number 2: When I called Symphony Sushi on Wednesday, they asked me if I wanted take-out or DELIVERY!

  4. You have always been great and always will be, no matter where you are planted. I love you so much…

  5. Kira says:

    Mark, I can't believe that what I have been wishing for all these years has finally come true.

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