Leg 1: Collingswood, NJ to Indianapolis, IN

Miles traveled: 650 miles
Time traveling: 12 hours
Average speed: 54 mph
States traveled: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia*, Ohio, Indiana

Nothing much to report about the first leg of our trip. We decided to do pretty much a straight shot, which we found pretty easy to do because there’s apparently not much to see between New Jersey and Indiana.

Immediately after we set out, we stopped for gas. This confused Marcus because in NJ, all gas stations are full-service. I only learned how to pump my own gas about a year ago when I started driving in Massachusetts, and there’s really nothing good about it. Clearly a win for NJ.

We stopped at our friend Mark’s favorite gas station/convenience store/fast food joint Sheetz as we passed through Pennsylvania. We’ve been hearing about this place for five years now so we had to stop, and it did not disappoint. But I have to say, it’s a lot like Wawa.

This pic is pretty hard to see, but apparently there is a California in Pennsylvania. I was all, “Wow, we made it already! That drive wasn’t bad at all!” I crack myself up..

I haven’t gotten to check out any truly unusual “great American” sites yet, but the most interesting things we spotted were: a disassembled ferris wheel on a truck, a truck cab towing three identical truck cabs, and this giant candle, which I wasn’t able to snap a picture of, but later located on the internet.

If you’ve spent any amount of time traveling anywhere in this country, you have probably noticed that anywhere you go, you’re never far from a Cracker Barrel. All day we laughed at the number of billboards advertising “Cracker Barrel, Country home cooking, Next exit!,” but we wondered, “Just how many Cracker Barrels did we pass?”

Luckily, Cracker Barrel’s website has a feature where you can input your route and they will show you the location of each and every Cracker Barrel along the way! We passed thirteen! And then we finally gave in and stopped at one for dinner. And it was exactly the same as every single other Cracker Barrel I’ve ever been to, exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

We are presently in the process of planning the next leg of our route, but we decided to cut Chicago out in order to save time. I also added a Twitter widget to the bar on the left so you can read my latest tweets.

* Neither of us had any idea we’d be traveling through the state of West Virginia, so when we saw the “Welcome to…” sign, we just cracked up laughing. You can see on the map above, we went through about 10 miles of the northern tip of West Virginia.

This is part 1 of my six-part roadtrip series! To read the next part, click here!

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7 Responses to Leg 1: Collingswood, NJ to Indianapolis, IN

  1. Shellby says:

    Oh Cracker Barrel billboards…so enticing, haha Also, I think NJ automatically gets in the top 10 for best state because of their full service gas stations. Glad you guys are having fun!

  2. epstemar says:

    No, fool. WaWa is a lot like it!

  3. I LOVE that I get to travel right along with y'all!! 🙂

  4. aurorafedora says:

    i can see you are both having fun. all those cracker barrels really CRACKED you up, huh?! keep us posted on all your riveting travel news!!!

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  7. Holly says:

    These blog posts are going to be perfect for me planning my trip! Thank you so much! And I totally feel ya on the Cracker Barrels! Haha. My boyfriend has never been to one (we don’t have them in Canada), I’m sure he will love it.


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