Leg 4: Shamrock, TX to Holbrook, AZ

Miles traveled: 610 miles
Time traveling: 11 hours
Average speed: 56 mph
States traveled: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

After a lovely stay in the Blarney Inn (as recommended by our friendly local waitress), we set out for a pretty early start to our day. We had to drive pretty far before we found civilization to get breakfast, so we snacked on some Poptarts in the car.

We made our way to Amarillo, Texas, grabbed breakfast at Denny’s where I inhaled a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, then we got back on the road to visit another classic route 66 site: Cadillac Ranch.

There are ten classic Cadillacs planted in the middle of a field on the side of the highway. If that doesn’t sound strange enough, according to the book, they have been placed at exactly the same angle as the pyramids of Giza. Furthermore, over the years, they have been totally covered in spray paint.

There were empty spray paint cans strewn all over the field, and it was obvious that these cars have been painted over and over throughout the years (they were placed there in 1974). Check out the depth of the paint on this car!

It was definitely an interesting sight to see. We wandered around for about ten minutes taking photos and laughing at the kids trying to find cans on the group with paint still in them. Marcus stopped snapping for a minute to let me take a picture of him for a change.

I spotted a white heart painted on one of the cars and asked a fellow traveler to take a photo for us. It was super windy, to explain the awkward hair hold/lean.

We traveled on.. Texas looks mostly like this:

Later we entered New Mexico, which mostly looks like this:

Actually, New Mexico was totally beautiful. I’ve never really been to the desert at all before, but there were mountains and mesas, cacti, wildflowers, creek beds, and red sand. I took about a bajillion pictures because it was so pretty but traveling at 75 mph in a car with windows splattered with bug guts is really not the best way to photograph the landscape. You’ll have to take my word for it. Later we passed through some mountains like these:

It was really cool. I’m officially a fan of the southwest. We stopped at a few souvenir stops, but nothing really interesting to report. We eventually entered Arizona and made our way to Holbrook, a classic route 66 town. We had really wanted to stay in the Wigwam Motel, but our lack of planning led to us not getting through to their office til today, and they were all booked up. We picked another motel instead, ate at a local Mexican restaurant (yum!), and walked around town and met the locals.

The southwest is crazy about dinosaurs. There are probably at least twenty dino statues on the street where we are staying tonight. Not that I mind, they make for some great photo-ops!

Check out those white, white arms.

As the sun set, we walked down to take a look at the wigwams before we were promptly attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes and had to retreat to our motel room. Tomorrow will be mostly for sightseeing, as we could pretty easily make it to California driving at the rate we have been. We’re backtracking a bit to visit the petrified forest, then moving forward to the Grand Canyon. So, good night for today, I leave you with a photo of where we could be sleeping.

This is part 4 of my six-part roadtrip series! To read the next part, click here!

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4 Responses to Leg 4: Shamrock, TX to Holbrook, AZ

  1. idiotG says:

    Have a great time at the Grand Canyon. By the way, if you really want to stay at the Wigwam Motel, there's another one in San Bernardino when you get to Calif., AND it's on Rt. 66!

  2. hillary says:

    Hey Kira! i'm enjoying following your journey! looks like you guys are having a blast.say hi to marcus :-)AT love ❤

  3. aurorafedora says:

    oh, i just love all the pictures! keep having fun, you guys!

  4. Wonderful photos!! Isn't it great to have all of us following you?? 🙂


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