Kitchen Reconstruction

Soo.. Where were we? Oh yea, so there was this giant hole.

Remember? It was the size of my tiny fist of fury? It was no match for Marcus’ newfound wall patching skills.

He used a mesh patch and more Quick Patch. That’s his hand, btw, I didn’t suddenly sprout werewolf arm hair. This patch took DAYS to dry. I must admit that I wasn’t particularly helpful this week (have I really been that helpful at all?). I got a new job and have been driving all over west LA to train to work with different children. It’s been fun so far but it’s really messing with our renovation plans. Anywaaay.. Next Marcus primed and painted the kitchen in “Freshcut Honeydew.”

This was when we realized how freaking shiny “semi-gloss” paint is. How shiny is “high-gloss”? Notice how that patched section of the wall isn’t yet painted. It was still wet and the area was going to be covered by our wallpaper backsplash anyway, so we didn’t bother.

Speaking of the wallpaper backsplash, that’s what we decided to tackle today. I didn’t take any pictures of the beginning of the day because I was too busy being cranky and mean. It was just one of those days, ya know? We’re both getting sick of this project and sick of living in a house that is a disaster. Every time we put something down (pencils, tape measures, sandpaper), it disappeared into the mess. Seriously, look at this.

We both just want to be finished. So we blazed ahead, following the directions on the wallpaper packaging. It was pre-glued, so we just had to dip it in water, wait five minutes for the glue to “activate,” and stick it to the wall. Except the guy at the Depot told us that they didn’t carry “wallpaper stuff,” so we had to improvise a dipping method. We used a big ol’ plastic bin we had lying around that wasn’t quite wide enough, but whatever, we’re clearly not professionals. We cut our first piece to size and slapped it on. We quickly realized that the combination of super-shiny semi-gloss paint and super-slippery wallpaper paste was not going to lead to good adhesion. It was okay because we screwed up that first piece but chopping it to shreds while trying to trim the excess.

The paper we’re using is a texture, paintable wallpaper with a texture that mimics pressed tin ceiling tiles. They are popping up in famous internet kitchens all over.

Ours will be painted semi-gloss white. So after we trashed the first piece, we re-evaluated (read: Googled) and decided to sand down the finish on the paint where we were trying to hang the paper. We also decided to use a straight edge to trim the edges because duh, the directions said to, we just didn’t. Attempt #2 was much more successful so we continued on.

Looks pretty good, eh? Marcus painstakingly trimmed this piece over and over (while the sheet was dry) to fit around the window, only to mess up the placement of the hole for the outlet by several inches. So we trimmed around and added another piece to finish out the wall.

Here’s a closeup on the pattern. It looks two-toned in this photo because the paper backing was still wet, but as it dried it all turned white. It still needs to be painted but the glue needs to dry for at least twenty-four hours. While hanging, I remembered that the semi-gloss white paint we have is nowhere near the same shade of white that is currently on all the trim in the house (as we discovered when we repainted one of our hallway doors, which is now significantly bluer than all the rest). This means we will need to repaint all the trim on the windows and doorways in the kitchen. They probably need a good repainting anyway, but this adds even more steps to an already “taking-too-long” project.

So I got to cleaning, sanding, and taping all the trim.

Sweet paper, though. We placed in as many base cabinets as we had built to get a picture of everything.

This picture is not so great because I forgot to take one when there was still natural light in the room and just made Marcus go take one. Coming along, right? At least there are no more giant holes in the walls. Project should be totally finished by next weekend, we’re so excited! If only someone would finish it for us..

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5 Responses to Kitchen Reconstruction

  1. fisheye says:

    Wow, looks awesome! You've gotten a lot done. Good job!

  2. idiotG says:

    Looks good Kir. The wallpaper backsplash really adds a "classy" feel. Even though it seems like the project is never-ending, you'll be really happy and satisfied when it's over. And, with every small job you conquer, you'll add to your renovating skills that you'll be able to use in the future.By the way, I loved the "werewolf arm hair" comment.

  3. Shellby says:

    OMG, I am in love with that honeydew color! And the backsplash looks sooo good! At first I thought the sample photo of the backsplash was an actual photo and was like wow, they sure got a lot done, lol. I so wish I could be there to help, it seems fun.

  4. Allie says:

    you might think it will be over next weekend, but it won't be. Steve and I are still renovating in boston and we started the day after xmas. 😦 I can help you guys when I get out to cali! If we ever finish renovationg so we caaan move. 🙂 good luck! See you so soon!!!


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