Power Tools!

Marcus here, guest-blogging this evening because Kira’s hard at work assembling drawers.

As you might recall, this is what the room looked like when we last posted:

Coming along, right? But with the backsplash installed and painted, and the plumber due to arrive Friday morning, we had to really accelerate our progress.

So, we did some measuring…

…and some sparky Dremeling…

…and some more measuring…

…and some installation…

 …and spent lots of time inside cabinets…

 …and ended up with this!

Pretty good, right? Tomorrow, the plumber is supposed to arrive between 8 and 9. He’s going to install the dishwasher and garbage disposal, so we should be able to wash all of our dirty utensils somewhere other than the bathroom sink. Life’s simple pleasures.

Cutting the rail for the wall cabinets was a learning experience. I started with a hacksaw and gave up almost immediately, switching to a Dremel with a cutting wheel. Of course, the cutting wheels lasted about 20 seconds before exploding into glowing bits, so it took 6 or 7 discs to get through the whole rail. For my next cut, I used a Sawzall, which was a much better choice, although using a wood blade at first made the job rather difficult.

The countertop was pretty fun, overall. I got to use a brand new jigsaw and an ancient circular saw that makes an unholy racket unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The truly impressive noise, when combined with the smell of newly sheared wood and spraying sawdust, made for a fun day, although I’m quite sure Kira didn’t enjoy it half as much as I did.

Aside from the plumbing, there’s a few steps left, the most important of which is finding a tiny bag of parts that I need to secure the last floor cabinet to the wall. It might require a trip to Ikea, but I’m impressed with how long it took us to lose something. Kira’s best efforts at organization were foiled when she left the house for work and left me alone with power tools.

The finish line is drawing near!

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8 Responses to Power Tools!

  1. idiotG says:

    Great job! I'm proud of you guys. Isn't the Sawzall an awesome tool? I've always wanted to buy one, but never needed it for a big enough job that would justify the purchase.

  2. Marcus says:

    The Sawzall is great. I'm not sure how long my dad has had this one, but it's in a metal case, so I'm guessing a long time.

  3. Kyle says:

    i need a sawzall, they are the greatest things ever

  4. I bought the Sawzall close to 30 years ago when it was me doing the kitchen remodel. And really, Greg, no job is too small for a Sawzall.

  5. Yay, Marcus!! What a great job you are doing!I'm proud of you both… πŸ™‚

  6. Shellby says:

    Whoa! Almost there! Yay!Also, I am pretty sure "sawzall" is a fake word, haha πŸ˜‰

  7. aurorafedora says:

    looking good guys! and shellby, sawzall is NOT a fake word!


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