Happy Halloween!!

Ok I know I’m a little late on that. But I wanted to show you our Halloween costumes!!

Recognize us?? I hope you do but I’ll give you a hint in case you had a long day..

The Flintstones!! It was a last minute decision – I was literally walking the aisles of Michael’s texting my mom and Crafty Friend Shellby and I finally decided. I texted Marcus to see what he thought and he responded, “As long as I get to wear pants.” What a good sport!!

It was very easy to put together. I was going to fashion a dress out of a few white t-shirts but I decided to check in the Marshalls next door and I found a perfect one on the sale rack for $10. Done! I bought M an orange tee shirt ($2.50) stuck on triangles of black duct tape ($3.99). This part took forever because the tape kept sticking to the scissors. Ick. According to Crafty Friend Shellby, they make such a thing as non-stick scissors! I’ll have to pick some up for my next duct tape cutting project. I made Fred’s tie out of blue craft foam ($1). I made a paper template first, taped it to the foam, and cut around it. I made a strap and sewed it on and attached a little button in the back. (I meant to take photos of all of these projects but, let’s face it: I’m not a very good blogger). Here’s a pic of Marcus playing with his tie. He loved it.

I made Wilma’s necklace out of something called Model Magic. It’s a puffy air-dry clay that is pretty perfect for this project. The only problem was that Michael’s only had white in the “party pack” for EIGHT DOLLARS! That’s a lot. But I had a 40% off coupon (never go to Michael’s without one), so I bought it anyway. The pack was six individually wrapped packages of clay and each package was only enough for one bead. Check it.

Looks like cream cheese.

So I had to go back (with another coupon, obv) and buy some more. I made the beads and strung them onto a ribbon. I probably should’ve started this project sooner because the clay didn’t have time to dry completely and by the end of the night, many of the beads had shlooped right off of the ribbon. Don’t know what “shloop” means? It’s a word that Marc and I made up that means whatever you need it to. But my Model Magic necklace was definitely shlooping. Check it out:

Now it looks like marshmallows.

It’s hard to see my hair in any of the pics we took that night, but it was fabulous. I was not blessed with thick or voluminous hair so I had to stuff my bun with a wad of tissue paper. I also got some orange clip-in extensions at Michael’s because I didn’t want to mess with that toxic colored hair spray. Bonus! The orange hair glowed under blacklight.

We sported our costumes at a party with new friends Megan and Matt!

I am so glad they invited us, I’m thanking them by making them internet-famous (at least to my ma, gran, and aunt Jo). Hopefully they don’t think I’m a super creep for posting this. And stealing this picture from Facebook. We need all the friends we can get. I will make up for it by posting the following pic!

Wilma and Fred tearin’ up the dance floor and Marcus, with his requested pants.

And check out Crafty Friend Shellby’s Zazzle shop for all your paper good needs!
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3 Responses to Happy Halloween!!

  1. idiotG says:

    i can't wait to see you guys dance live! the photo is precious.

  2. aurorafedora says:

    hahahahaha oh, so lovin' the preHYSTERIC look!!! very nice marshmallow necklace, kir!! would have been cheaper just to buy a bag! hahaha looks like ya'll had fun. love ya

  3. Your costumes are great!! The "melting" necklace; not so much. :)Glad you had a good time at the party.


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