About a Boy

This post is about a boy.

This boy flew for 7 hours to the east coast, only to drive for 6 days back to the west coast.

This boy renovated a kitchen in our first home (to my specifications) with little to no assistance from me.

This boy deals with my irrational, girly mood swings by showing me silly videos of kittens on YouTube.

This boy repaired my computer, my car, and basically every electronic I’ve ever owned.

This boy set up a webcam so I could watch my hamster online while he hamster-sat her.

This boy indulged me in dressing up in couples costumes two Halloweens in a row!

This boy silently watches football from bed on Sunday mornings so he doesn’t disturb me but doesn’t leave me alone.

Yes, I realize this photo is baseball-related, not football.

This boy asked me to be his girlfriend two years ago. On a note in a bag of Sour Skittles. Exactly sixteen days after I asked him to be my boyfriend.. Okay, not his most shining moment, but it all turned out alright, right?

Happy two years, shloopy. <#


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5 Responses to About a Boy

  1. Meg says:

    awwww, happy anniversary! Ours was this past Wednesday! Hope you guys have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!!!

  2. joanne says:

    you two are adorable! glad ya found that boy!!!!

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