Do You Ebates?

If you know me at all, you know that I am a bargain shopper. Almost every single purchase I make is pondered and calculated and researched to the point of exhaustion. So why did it take me so long to get on board with Ebates? Who the heck knows, because Ebates is awesome!

Basically you sign up for an account and Ebates refunds you a certain percentage of your purchase when you cash out. There are different rates for different online stores, here are some current rates different Ebates retailers are offering:

Ebates also has tons of coupon codes and occasional increase the percentage back from different retailers. The other day I used Ebates to get 8% back on a purchase from! Oh yea, and check out this deal I got without even trying:

A quick search at RetailMeNot turned up a 20% off coupon, plus a $25 gift card found under my bed when I was (gasp) cleaning this weekend, plus free shipping and 8% double cash back from Ebates! Nice!

I probably won’t change my spending habits but if all I have to do is click a special link to get free money every three months, sign me up! You can have them mail you a check, credit your PayPal, or even donate your cash back to the charity of your choice! If you want to sign up, click through this referral link. I got $5 just for signing up, hopefully this promo is still going on. And if you still haven’t finishing your holiday shopping, hundreds of Ebates stores are participating in Free Shipping Friday! Happy shopping!


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5 Responses to Do You Ebates?

  1. greg says:

    hmm…wonder where you got that whole researching before you buy curse? just signed up for ebates. we’ll see how it goes.

  2. joanne says:

    hmmm, so i would probably have to actually shop at those stores….do they have a code for Goodwill??

  3. Courtney says:

    Thanks for reminding me! Someone else told me about this a while ago and I forgot about it, but I just signed up. I’m trying to be one of those coupon-clipping, get a ton of stuff for free, kind of people but failing miserably. But this is sort of like free money…assuming you have money to BUY something first…

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