Treats and Songs for Christmas

I spent most of today in the kitchen with cookies, Chex Mix, and peppermint bark.

Marcus helped too. He’s always a little nervous to help in the kitchen because the first time I asked him to put a tray of cookies into the oven for me (around two years ago), I ended up having to stick my hand into the hot oven to pick up quickly-melting balls of cookie dough after he dumped it all. He was much more helpful today. The best thing we made were butter spritz cookies.

Mom sent me this recipe. Don’t you love the retro illustrations?

I used a cookie press that I actually found when I moved into my last Boston apartment. I think it’s pretty old because it appears to be totally made out of aluminum instead of the more modern plastic design. I learned how to use it last Christmas via videos on YouTube. I used the recipe above plus another tablespoon of butter since the dough was a little too dry. The cookies came out pretty darn cute!

Delicious too. I made a Christmas playlist to share with all of you, check it out below. If you’d like an mp3 playlist to save into iTunes, email me and I’ll send it along. Love you all, have a happy Christmas!!


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4 Responses to Treats and Songs for Christmas

  1. Greg says:

    cookies look great Kir! i wanted to know how you kept your scarf out of the batter. was it really that cold in there? Merry Christmas!

  2. joanne says:

    mmmm i love spritz cookies! yours look great! and i learned how to make spritz on the same kind of old aluminum cookie press! rock on, kir!!

  3. Suz says:

    Your cookies look WONDERFUL!! It’s nice to see you looking so “at home” in the kitchen… And the scarf is a really nice touch. Better than an apron. 🙂

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