So This is the New Year

Happy new year, all! Because I generally don’t participate in the tradition of making resolutions (more on that later), I decided instead to write a sort-of “year in review” post today. Here goes.


My year started alone on my parents’ couch watching some romantic comedy I had already seen and “protesting” all new year’s eve celebrations because I was grumpy that Marcus was in Italy and not with me. Mature, I know.

Later in the month I celebrated my 23rd birthday with a bunch of lovely friends, some shown here:

Amy, Gretchen, Frankie, Shellby and me (outfit coordination NOT planned)

Marcus also took me for a lovely fondue birthday dinner date (excuse the crappy iPhone pic)


In February I took a much-needed break from my studies and New England weather with a Caribbean cruise with 7 of my closest friends.

These people!

Also I met a monkey! (One of my life goals)

It was fun.


I apparently have no photo evidence of the month of March. This is because I was preparing to take my board of certification exam for athletic training and basically did nothing but go to class, study, and cry. Oh yea, and it rained for about three weeks straight and an army of mice invaded our apartment. Not a good month.


In April I found out that I passed the aforementioned exam! Yay! And I could finally relax. My classmates and I finally presented our senior capstone research projects that we had been working on for about a year and a half!

Courtney and me. If you wanna know anything about interarm blood pressure in unilateral athletes, ask us.

All of these lovely ladies passed their exams too! Yay! I miss you guys..

And Marcus had his last major fraternity event, Beta Toast.


After five years college, I graduated!

Can you see me? No, to the right!

There I am! What am I doing, you ask?

Finishing up my speech! Oh yea, I had a speech. I spoke at our small ceremony for the twelve students in my athletic training class and their families and friends. It sounds like no big deal, but I was SCARED! My legs were shaking while I spoke, but I think it went alright. Unfortunately the room where the ceremony was held was very dimly lit so I don’t have any good pictures of the actual event. But I promise, it happened! I was pretty proud of myself for actually making it through without crying seeing as I have this tendency to cry in any kind of stressful situation. Pretty embarrassing. But not this time!

Someone else graduated too!


My final summer in Boston was a little bitter-sweet. Many of my friends (including Marcus) moved away, I started working full-time (again) and was busy preparing to move myself. Late in the month, a bunch of friends came back to celebrate Amy’s birthday and it was fun to see everyone again.

Party people.

Happy birthday, Goons!


In July I did a lot of working, packing, and preparing for the big move. During summer school I got to go along with my students on several super-fun field trips.

Here we are marching to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I even organized my own field trip for them to visit a geology professor at MY school and go on a “tactile tour” of campus.


You’ve already read about most of my August. I packed up my life and Marcus and I drove thousands of miles to the west coast. I saw the world’s biggest totem pole, got attacked by fire ants, ate at the birthplace of the corn dog, saw the Grand Canyon, and eventually made it to my new home.

Little car on the prairie.


In September I started getting settled in my new house and found myself a new job. We destroyed and rebuilt our kitchen, then Marcus (finally) found a job too. Yay!

We went from this..

To this!

And this..

To this!


In October, I spent time at my new job, explored my new town, and hung out with new friends!

Hello from the canals of Venice, California!


November was a little rough. That was when things really started to hit me about being so far away from everything I know. All of you were so great with your comments, emails, messages, etc. sharing similar experiences and letting me know that you appreciated my honesty and you love and support me. I love you guys! I returned to the east coast for a much-needed vacation during Thanksgiving time. And I met up with old friends!

With cutie Caroline, who’s getting ready to turn over her own “new leaf”!

Steph and Helen and Candace and Justin

NU in NJ reunion – with Amy and Frankie

Marcus with his boyfriends – Mark and Matt


A visit home was what I needed to re-energize myself. Early in December Marc and I got to have a mini vacation in Santa Barbara where his company held their annual meeting. We stayed in probably the nicest hotel room we will ever stay in and enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

At the beach in Santa Barbara.

We celebrated Hanukkah with Marc’s family and Christmas with my west coast family. We also celebrated mini Christmas in our house with our non-denominational stockings.

Marcus did a good job with his first stocking-filling experience, even though he tried to fill it several days too early.

And then I rung in the new year with Gretchen!

So there you have it: my 2010. As I said before, I’m not a big fan of making new year’s resolutions, but I have a few goals for myself. The first is a little project Marcus and I have been working on for a few weeks now: project get fit. We’re running, people. And if you know me at all, you know that running is like, my least favorite thing in the world. Well people, it’s not so bad. We’ve started an interval training program (I’ll write more about it in a later post) and so far have run a total of four times! It’s a good way to motivate each other, take advantage of west coast “winter” weather, and appreciate the fact that we live a block from the beach. I resolve to keep it up!! Even though I sometimes feel like crap during our runs, I always feel accomplished after. It’s a great feeling!

What were the highs of your 2010? Did you make any resolutions?


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7 Responses to So This is the New Year

  1. Franjessica says:

    Love the year in review! Especially the two photos of myself..just kidding, but really the one where we’re all wearing various shades of fuchsia is framed in my room <3… My new years resolution is to do one creative thing every day… i.e. CREATE one thing each day… Today my aunt taught me a new crochet stitch and in the process I found an old scarf I'd started making for shellby, and I am now in the process of finishing it. 🙂

  2. joanne says:

    loved your year in review! not so bad, some good times and great pics. hope the year to come brings you amazing things!! love ya

  3. Marcus says:

    Fun fact: Kira has at least 15 pictures of her car in various shades of cleanliness from our trip. Just the car. I’m an awesome photog.

    Also, boo running. I’m lazy!

  4. Miss B says:

    Just found your blog & I love what you did what you did with your kitchen!

    • Glad you like it!! Feel free to ask any questions at all.. By the looks of your blog though, it seems like you are much more advanced than we are in the home renovation department! Thanks for stopping by!

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