Today’s the Day

The day when this kid turns twenty-four. Can you believe it? 24 sounds old. To celebrate, let me tell you about the best birthday party I ever had (though I had a lot of great ones). I desperately wanted to have a pool party when I was four (ish? is this true, mom?) years old. But having been born in January, my options were limited. So, being the cool and creative mom she is, my mom got a giant kiddie pool (at least in my memory), put it in our kitchen, then filled it up with warm water from the sink. All of my friends came over in swimsuits and my mom distributed a big pile of sunglasses to everyone, as well as “grass skirts” that she made out of plastic tablecloths. She also (somehow) got Hawaiian hula music (this was obviously before iTunes, she probably found it on a cassette somewhere) for us to dance to. It. Was. AWESOME! And this was before moms were awesome on purpose in order to take pictures of their kids’ birthday parties and blog about them. Here’s some more pics of me as a kid.

With my cousin Lindsay and our Pop. I’m the one with the giant bald head.

Posing in a dress made by my Gran. She’s actually selling this exact dress in her Etsy shop right now, you should buy it if you think your kid can live up to my cuteness. Oh yea, my Gran has an Etsy shop. And a blog. She’s awesome.

And at my preschool graduation.

Happy birthday to me : )

Edit: Dad used his day off today to dig through old home movies and try to find a video of the aforementioned birthday party. No dice as of yet, but he did upload this clip of my third birthday – enjoy!


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14 Responses to Today’s the Day

  1. Greg says:

    awe. Happy Birthday Kir! Wish we were there to take you out later. Have a great day.

  2. Lori says:

    Damn, you were a cute kid! Annoying precocious, but cute! Happy Birthday, Nip!

  3. bex says:

    happy birfday love muffin. i wish i could come out and celebrate with you but i just flew 3000 miles in the opposite direction. silly me! miss you! xxxxx

  4. Meg says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Let me know if you guys do anything tonight, we are totally around to celebrate!

  5. Jonna says:

    Kira, I remember that birthday party like it was yesterday. Was it you that gave me the picture of me in the hula skirt?? Did your mom take individual pictures of all of us? Hilarious and super awesome. Hope your 24th birthday is just as good! 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    Thinking about it, it was your 5th b-day, Kir. I got the music from the library. And yes, Jonna is right, I did take photos for everyone to take home. Dad has a video somewhere, we will have to find it.

  7. Amy says:

    omg kir you were such a little munchkin! love you and happy birthday goons 🙂

  8. joanne says:

    happy birthday kir!!!! love the stroll down memory lane!!!

  9. Kristin says:

    Hope you had a very very happy birthday! Make sure to write and tell us all about it. Look at that cuuuuuute little face 😉

  10. Suz says:

    What a wonderful birthday post!! Seems like those parties were only yesterday…
    Thanx for all the plugs. Pop isn’t sure about that photo, though. 🙂

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