Art in the Streets

MOCA's Art in the Streets

On Saturday, Marc and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see their Art in the Streets exhibit. We’ve been wanting to go since we watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” a few months ago. This movie provides a really interesting perspective on the world of street art, and we were excited to see some art from the world’s most famous artists up close!

MOCA's Art in the Streets

This was a really cool collaboration among seven different artists. There were shops built to look like a real city street, but the coolest part was the signs.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

More signs and my handsome boyfriend. All the bright colors and lights reminded me of Tokyo!

MOCA's Art in the Streets

There were also figures throughout the “streets” who were participating in the art. Some of them were mechanical so they actually moved, kinda like “It’s a Small World” at Disneyworld – creepy!

MOCA's Art in the Streets

This was in the Banksy room – I wish I got a picture of this whole piece because it was really cool. It was outlined like a stained glass window and covered in graffiti. Banksy created it with a group of LA students.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

Another close-up of another Banksy.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

Two Banksy stencils used to make his famous graffiti street art.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

I think this was my favorite installation. An artist known as Swoon created this whole room of paper-cut art that was lit to cast beautiful shadows on the white sheets lining the walls.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

I like how the shadows look just like the crocheted detail on my dress!

MOCA's Art in the Streets

I wanted to camp out in here and stare at the shadows and paper cuttings for hours – it was so pretty!

MOCA's Art in the Streets

This room by an artist named Os Gemeos was also very cool. There were several little houses mounted horizontally high on the walls, and everything else was covered in doors, wood, and other salvaged pieces.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

Wouldn’t this make an awesome accent wall in a house? I love the bright colors and interesting textures.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

The other side of the same room was painted with bright, graphic typography by an artist named Margaret Kilgallen. The colors were cool and retro, I’d love to decorate my house in these tones.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

There were several pieces by Space Invader, one of the artists featured in “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” This one was on the outside of the building where we entered.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

This happy guy is in the signature style of artist André.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

Posing in a hall of mirrors, art by artist Mark Gonzales.

MOCA's Art in the Streets

We had an awesome day visiting MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit – if you are in LA this week, you can visit the exhibit in its final days, it closes August 8.

What do you think of street art? What is your favorite style of art?

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9 Responses to Art in the Streets

  1. Hannah says:

    Love, love, love modern art! So cool!

  2. Bri Kim says:

    Man, I was hoping I would be back in town before it closes but sadly I wont be back until the 19th 😦 owell. Thanks for shairng your pictures so I at least got a glimpse of it!

  3. Lori says:

    We loved “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – fascinating! Wish I could see the exhibit but alas, it’s 3000 miles away! Great photos!

  4. Greg says:

    Man, I’m jealous. Looks like a great show.

  5. Mark Epstein says:

    These are very cool! You’d love Berlin, it is this everywhere.

  6. Katherine says:

    I absolutely love that paper-cut room… the shadows are beautiful! I bet it took so many months to make it all.

  7. Suzula says:

    Wonderful art, wonderful blog post, WONDERFUL you!!!

  8. joanne says:

    very cool stuff and lovin the pics of you and marcus!


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