The Pinterest Challenge and a Call for Crafters

Today is the big reveal for the Pinterest Challenge! You can check out the projects from the organizers here: Sherry, Katie, Emily and Lana. On Sherry’s blog and Katie’s blog, there’s also a really cool feature that you can link up your project with everyone else who participated in the challenge. I added my Rustic-Modern Pallet Coffee Table – go check it out!

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

So this challenge has really gotten me in the crafty mood and I’m itching to do another Crafty Challenge! I’m really into the idea of a Pinterest-inspired project. I would love to team up with two or three other bloggers for the next one! The (very loose) guidelines are that you will be given some sort of a theme for the project (last time the theme was “the ocean”), and you’ll have about one week to complete your project. Because I’m not rich, all costs for your project will be on you, but I suggest that you use your project as an opportunity to clean out your crafting supplies box and use things you already have. Last time I think I bought one piece of felt for like, 39 cents, and everything else was stuff I already had. So if you’re interested, please send me an email at or DM me on Twitter @hernewleaf.

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