Please Vote for Me!!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying reliving our cross-country roadtrip this week. Marcus and I just returned from our vacation yesterday afternoon, and we had a great time! I will be back to regular posting on Monday.

I’m here to ask a favor – I entered my Wooden Pallet Coffee Table in the Great Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Better Life Bags. Will you please vote for me? : )

In order to vote, you must first “like” Better Life Bags on Facebook, then “like” the photo of my table. The like button will not appear on the photo unless you first like the host’s page. You have until Sunday at midnight to vote! Thanks, friends!

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2 Responses to Please Vote for Me!!

  1. knives says:

    like zOMG u r teh winz! voted! good luck kira!

  2. knives says:

    I voted 3 times!


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