[Roadtrip Rewind] Leg 6: Kingman, AZ to Venice, CA

This was originally posted on August 16, 2010 as Marcus and I roadtripped across the US to our new home in Los Angeles. I will be reposting our roadtrip posts all week as we vacation in Mexico, and will be back with our best roadtripping tips next week. See you soon!

  • Miles traveled: 339 miles
  • Time traveling: 6 hours
  • Average speed: 49 mph
  • States traveled: Arizona, California

Since we spent the last several nights staying in not-so-nice motels, we decided to splurge a little for our last night on the road. We Pricelined and found a lovely hotel in Kingman: the Marriott Springhill Suites.

Front desk area

This hotel was leaps and bounds from the Blarney Inn (and the other motels we’ve been camping in). The vibe was clean and modern, the staff was cordial and helpful, and there was a continental breakfast!


It was honestly the first night I’ve slept soundly in several days. We took to opportunity to sleep in, enjoy our breakfast, and take our time getting back on the road.


You may have noticed that these are all photos stolen from the Marriott’s website – that’s because I loved the hotel so much that I decided to donate my camera to them! Well actually, I forgot it. But for the low, low price of $20, they are shipping it back to me. But I feel pretty dumb.

There was actually not much to see today. We drove through the Mojave, which was quite desert-y. We stopped at In N Out for lunch.

If you know me at all, you know that I eat very little meat. But I make exceptions for In N Out. It is delicious. This is actually only the second In N Out burger I’ve had in my life, but they were both freaking yummy. I actually finished my burger today before Marcus, something that never happens.

We ran into some stereotypical California traffic but eventually made it to our house in Venice. We unpacked the car and walked around a bit. Marcus showed me the beach and some bits of the neighborhood. Now we’re getting settled and figuring out where to start on this whole “moving in” thing.

Thanks for following along with our roadtrip, I have loved reading your comments and tweets!

This is the final part of my six-part roadtrip series! Missed something?

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