30 Jours en Septembre: Part Deux

This weekend I did my best to finish up the September photo challenge. I didn’t complete them all but I felt that I came up with some pretty cool photos this time around! For October, I’ll be participating in another challenge with a bunch of my other blog friends! I’m going to strive to post each week’s batch on Monday but I’ll be sharing them daily on Twitter or Flickr. Feel free to join in!

Today's weather

Today’s weather: It had rained that afternoon and afterwards the clouds looked phenomenal!

Small pleasure

Today’s small pleasure: My Moo MiniCards arrived! I love them!

In the bathroom

In the bathroom: This is our bathroom window, I really like the texture.

Tea time

Tea time: I picked up this Arnold Palmer with lunch. Yum!

Sunday morning

Sunday morning: French toast made with chocolate chip challah bread.

When night falls

When night falls: This photo is straight out of the camera (unedited). Mother nature > Photoshop!

Something that comforts me

What comforts me: Food! These salads looked so colorful and delicious.

A Look

A look: Marcus took this photo.

End of September portraitEnd of September portrait

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4 Responses to 30 Jours en Septembre: Part Deux

  1. Lori says:

    Great pics! Love the clouds and the End of Sept portrait!

  2. greg says:

    End of Sept is WAY cool!

  3. Kristin says:

    Pretty pictures! I really enjoy all the FOOD! Looks like life is pretty good 🙂

  4. Franjessica says:

    Kir! All your pics came out great! I especially love the pic Marcus took of you! So pretty.


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