October Photography Challenge: Days 1-9

I’ve been having so much fun following along with my friends in the October Photography Challenge! I love posting new photos to Flickr and getting helpful comments on them. I’ve been reading lots of tutorials online and seeking inspiration in lots of different places – I really feel like I’m improving! What do you think?

October 1: Self-portrait

October 1: Self Portrait

I propped my camera on the other side of the bed and used the timer, then ran back and forth taking photos and readjusting. I like the idea of this photo and would like to take a better version to use as my profile picture!

October 2: What I Wore Today

October 2: What I Wore

Again I used the self-time and propped the camera on my bed. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to get a head-to-toe shot, so I decided to stitch together a few shots in Photoshop. The end result was so close to perfect that I thought it looked kinda weird (look at the hands on the left), so I added the second column in reverse order + a silly face surprise!

October 3: Clouds

October 3: Clouds

It rained in LA one day last week which resulted in a beautiful sunset. I ran in the door after work, grabbed my camera, and dragged Marcus out to the beach. We took turns with the camera and took over 100 photos in about 30 minutes. This is another “straight-out-of-the-camera” (SOOC) shot.

October 4: Something Green

October 4: Something Green

I thought that most people would photograph plants on this day, so I decided to take it in a different direction. I didn’t realize at the time that the day 7 prompt is “Fruit”!

October 5: From a High Angle

October 5: From a high angle

I’m definitely still working on pet photography (how do you get them to stay still?) but I managed to snap this cute shot of Scout. Doesn’t she remind you of Puss in Boots?

October 6: From a Low Angle

October 6: From a low angle

On this day I started experimenting with in-camera styles and exposure compensation after reading tutorials online. Even though this shot came out a little over-exposed and over-saturated, I like the final look.

October 7: Fruit

October 7: Fruit

Scout was giving me a funny look as I ran back and forth to get this shot – I really wanted to capture the water droplets on the pear’s skin to add a bit of texture and interest, so I had to keep re-wetting my pear in the sink! I like the background created by our fence outside the window.

October 8: A Bad HabitOctober 8: A bad habit

This prompt was a little more difficult than the others. My bad habit is most definitely being a slob and leaving my house messy all the time, but I didn’t think that would make for a very pretty photo. So I decided to photograph candy instead, because eating it by the bucket-full is definitely a bad habit of mine.

October 9: Someone I LoveOctober 9: Someone You Love

Throughout the challenge, I have learned so much from some awesome tutorials online. Would you be interested if I blogged about them? Most are geared toward DSLR users but I have a few great resources for point-and-shoot users as well.

Have you tried your hand at photography?

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16 Responses to October Photography Challenge: Days 1-9

  1. Frankie says:

    Kir, I’d love for you to blog about DSLR tutorials. They’d be pretty beneficial for me πŸ™‚ Figuring out how to use my camera is proving a slight challenge. I really love how all your pictures came out! I especially enjoy your what I wore collage, I find taking pictures of myself to be the biggest challenge. They never turn out how I want them to. Also, you should print the picture of the pear and frame it for your kitchen. It’s fabulous!

  2. I love the “what I wore” composite, and HOLY CRAP! That cloud photo is NUTS!!!

  3. Lori says:

    I’m a point and shooter, but love to see what you do with DSLR. I am crazy about the faded effects you used in the first and last photos.

  4. Meg says:

    Awesome photos Kira! keep em coming!

  5. cinthya says:

    really good pictures! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of you challenge photos!

  6. Jessica Lynn says:

    I love all of those, but especially the very last one. It’s so sweet!

  7. Sara says:

    Love your photos πŸ™‚ So creative! The pieced together outfit shot, the clouds, the pear and the very last one are all so great.

  8. Chance says:

    They really are impressive! I could use some point and shoot tips until I can save up for a dSLR, if you wanted to throw those in with your photo tips!

  9. Mandy says:

    Great shots!! I would love to read more about what you’ve learned in the photography world! I also love the pear–usually still life is a bit boring, but the colors/textures/background make that photo so beautiful and visually interesting!

  10. hemborgwife says:

    The kiwi picture looks like two eyes staring out, great composition in that one!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Your photos look great! Love the one of the kiwi and your bad habit. (Sorry posted on the wrong post last time)

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