DIY: Two-Minute Infinity Scarf

Have you seen these trendy scarves? They’re called infinity, circle, or mobius scarves. They’re super cute, keep your neck warm and don’t slip off your neck throughout the day. You can pick this one up from J Crew for a cool $45.

Image source

Or you could make your own in two minutes! If you don’t have a cat. You’ll see why in a minute. I’ll show you how to do it!

These are the t shirts from my pile of clothes to donate eventually – you probably have your own pile like this. Pick out a few to make your scarves.

Cut your shirt straight across, directly under the armpits. You’ll be left with a tube that looks like…

Gah, cat! I’m blogging here. This is not a convenient time for you to discover you can leap the six feet between the couch and the table. Just…

Move! Please? I’m trying to show these nice people my tube of fabric…

Now you’re just mocking me. Stop making yourself comfortable and go play somewhere else…

Okay, close enough. This is what your shirt will look like. You’re basically done! Another option is to shred the fabric to make a scarf that has many strands.

First cut off the hem of your shirt, since that part will not stretch as well as the rest of the material.

Continue cutting, leaving about 1 inch between each cut. Don’t cut all the way through the other side so your strips stay attached.

Once you finish cutting, hold both sides and stretch the material. Then stretch each individual strip and it will roll up onto itself.

Make a bunch! Wear them together! Layer different patterns and textures! Or if you live in southern California like me, put them away in your closet for a few more months because it’s still 80˚ here! Enjoy!

What’s your simplest DIY project?

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16 Responses to DIY: Two-Minute Infinity Scarf

  1. Bri Kim says:

    wow you werent kidding about this being the easiest DIY! I might just have to try this! and they look super great on you 🙂

  2. Jessica Lynn says:

    Oh wow. I’ve seen the pins to make your own, but I didn’t think it’d actually be that easy! Now I’m kicking myself for donating allllll of my unwanted clothes a few weeks ago! So cool—thanks for sharing!

  3. joanne says:

    oh, kira, you are such a cute diy-er!! love this idea!

  4. greg says:

    i don’t care about the scarves, but the cat was cracking me up!

  5. Lori says:

    One of my fav tees showed up with a mysterious bleach spot recently. This is a way to rescue it! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Gran says:

    You are just too creative, Kir! I don’t know where you get it from… 🙂
    And, you wear scarves better than anyone I know!!

  7. Gran says:

    PS: Gotta love that cat!

  8. Kristin says:

    Super cute! Kitty just wants to play 🙂

  9. Shellby says:

    This will be a perfect solution to one of my fav t-shirts that got horribly stained! And Scout looks like a great helper 😉

  10. Courtney says:

    Seriously, this DIY saved me! I spilled Thai Iced Tea on my favorite striped long sleeved tee about a month ago, and it’s been balled up in the corner of my bedroom ever since because I couldn’t bear to throw it out. But it’s PERFECT for an infinity scarf…genius, and so easy!

  11. blewallen says:

    I found your post through YHL and am so glad I did – you provided me with quite a laugh! The cat is definitely the best part of the project, but the final outcome is great too. I can’t wait to try my own scarves!

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  14. Rebecca says:

    Hahaha! My kitty does the same thing! She’s pretty sure I lay out my projects for her benefit. =)


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