October Photography Challenge: Days 23 – 30

Time to wrap up the October Photography Challenge! Also check out my photos from the first, second, and third weeks.

October 23: Sunflare

October 23: Sunflare

We’ve been having very cloudy, hazy weather lately, but the sun finally came out for me to capture a sunflare. This was taken from our yard as the sun was disappearing over the neighbors’ roof. You can also see the bokeh that we learned about last week!

October 24: Animals

October 24: Animal

I bet you thought you’d see another kitty picture today! I decided to change it up a bit and use this photo I took of seagulls on the beach a few weeks ago. I added a vintage effect that yellowed the photo a bit – I like how it looks like a classic beach image!

October 25: Something Pink

October 25: Something Pink

Oh there she is! Scout’s pink nose is covered in adorable freckles – I couldn’t help but share it!

October 26: Close-up

October 26: Close-up

This wheat-like weed grows all over around our house (I also showed a pic of it when I made my wooden pallet table). I really like how this photo captured the movement of the plant. I added a little golden sunshine in Photoshop to brighten it up a bit.

October 27: From a Distance

October 27: From a Distance

I love how this photo turned out! When I started editing, it looked nothing like this. It was a very generic shot of blue skies and water and a kind of dirty beach. I ran an action that added a super “moody” feel to it, I think it almost looks like a painting! I wouldn’t do this much “artistic” editing on most photos but for the occasional otherwise boring photo, I think it looks super cool.

October 28: Flower

October 28: Flower

These orange flowers grow on a neighbor’s tree – I have no idea what they are. It was kind of a windy day so the tree branch was moving (as you can see in the out-of-focus flowers in the background) but the focus on the flowers and the foreground stayed pretty crisp – I think it adds kind of an interesting 3-D effect.

October 29: Black and White

October 29: Black and White

I’ve converted a few of my photos to black and white; I think it can definitely add some interest. I love this photo I took of seagull footprints because it seems to tell a story.

October 30: Self-Portrait

October 30: Self-Portrait

Another attempt to master the camera’s self-timer! I wanted to try something different from the usual “mirror shot” that a lot of the participants went for on this day. I set up my camera propped up just a little because I knew I wanted a bit of the bedsheets showing in the frame. I placed a make-up bag to focus on (where my head would go) and peeked through the camera to set the auto-focus and press the shutter-release. Then I tossed the make-up bag aside, laid down, adjusted my bun, and pushed the cat off the bed, just in time to hear the “click” of the shutter! I set it on continuous to shoot 3 photos at a time.

As promised, I’m going to write a post later this week about the resources and tutorials I have found most helpful this month, so if you have any questions about how I shot or edited any of my photos, please ask and I will include more in-depth information!

What photography technique would you like to learn more about?

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8 Responses to October Photography Challenge: Days 23 – 30

  1. Maria says:

    Love all of today’s pics!

  2. Lori says:

    I love the self portrait! How your eyes match the wall color. And how you look so serene and young. Even though you explained a frantic process leading up to it!
    The vintage seagull one is beautiful. And your kitty close-up is so sweet.

  3. joanne says:

    love love love the pics, but especially your self portrait! very unique!!

  4. greg says:

    Kir! You’re getting SO good! I love the self portrait. I love the black & white. I love the seagulls. I love ’em all! I want some lessons over Xmas. Maybe I should start looking for a used camera.

  5. I love the seagulls! So nostalgic!
    And your self portrait is gorgeous…

  6. hemborgwife says:

    O the California birds!!! I have to admit when you put them on a beach like that they are pretty awesome!

  7. Great something pink close up shot! Congratulations for completing the challenge! It was really fun to have you along.

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