Maybelline Giveaway Winners!

As I said after my last giveaway, I hate random number generators – what a boring way to announce something exciting! Scout helped me pick a winner for the Maybelline giveaway.

I feel like I have to admit, in one take of this video, I tried to do a Swedish accent (Bailie lives in Sweden). It was bad. Even Scout said so.

Congratulations to Bailie and Lindsay, I will be emailing you shortly so I can get your gifts in the mail! Thanks to BzzAgent for providing me with the Maybelline product samples to try and share.

One more piece of business: I have been hard at work coming up with some great content for December, including some really great guest bloggers. I’m still looking for a few more people to write craft tutorials, recipes, holiday fashion/makeup tips, gift guides, etc, so if you would like to contribute to my holiday blog series, please email me at

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3 Responses to Maybelline Giveaway Winners!

  1. Yaaay!! What an awesome Monday surprise!

    I had the chance to use my BzzAgent golden key for this campaign and (stupidly) decided not to. I’m so afraid to use my golden key – like something better will come along next and I’ll regret having used it! Except I ended up missing out on this campaign and kicked myself for it. So I’m so excited to win!!

  2. Lori says:

    Scout is so cute! And smart too!

  3. Shellby says:

    AWW! that video was adorable! Scout is awesome! And so is that song you used 🙂


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