Holiday Link Love, part 2

My brother and me on a “vintage” family holiday card. Doesn’t this look like something you would find on Pinterest? I told you my mom was creative!

I hope you are enjoying all of my Twelve Crafts of Christmas posts so far! My kitchen table is still covered in crepe paper from the many prize balls I’ve been making!

  1. Christmas Tree Hunt 2011 at Northern Exposure
  2. Gift Local: LA Markets at Glitter and Ganache
  3. Holiday Outfit Inspiration at Bricolage
  4. Pecan Pie Macarons at The Nifty Foodie

  1. Mulled Cider Recipe at Squirrels and Pearls
  2. DIY Wrapping Paper at To Be Frank
  3. Christmas Chandelier at Squirrels and Pearls
  4. Polymer Clay Ornament at Oh Lordy Love

  1. Holiday Military Mail at Jessica Lynn Writes
  2. Creating an Ornament Wreath at The Fix-Its
  3. Gifts That Give Back at Wish Fulfillment Everyday
  4. Pomegranate White Chocolate Pancakes at The Realistic Nutritionist

Some links I have loved from elsewhere on the internet..

A cute advent calendar with printable activities to fill it with

Printable gift tags to share with family and friends

Build a Christmas tree from twigs

Put a Candyland spin on your holiday decor

Making your own gift bows is easier than you think!

Want to link-up? Comment, tweet, or email your holiday-related blog posts to me! Each week, I will post the newest submissions at the top of the list so that everyone can get a chance at a little link love. You can submit as many different posts as you wish!

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4 Responses to Holiday Link Love, part 2

  1. joanne says:

    i always look forward to your mom’s clever, creative christmas cards!
    and that one with you and eth was one of my faves! i also loved your recycled cards last year. love ya

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