[Guest Post] Holiday Gift Guide by Liz of Chanel and Chocolate Cake

Liz from Chanel and Chocolate Cake has become one of my best “blogfriends” in the past few months. I LOVE reading her blog since she gives great advice on things I know nothing about – like makeup! We love to chat about everything on Twitter, especially the cat-related antics of Scout and her adorable orange kitty, Warhol. Thanks for posting, Liz!

Hi dolls! I am Liz and I blog over at Chanel and Chocolate Cake. I was more than thrilled to write for Kira. I don’t actually craft much since I am busy with getting my undergraduate degree and working full time, but I do like to shop… So let me help you with some gifts for the holiday season, because getting gifts for people can sometimes seem impossible!

I am now obsessed with my iPhone. I take pictures at least 50 times a day. Wouldn’t it be cool to take pictures with these fun lenses? I would choose the Fish Eye filter, just because of how retro it makes pictures look!

This past year, I subscribed to Birchbox, a service that sends you monthly packages of premium beauty samples. In one of my boxes, I received a gorgeous bottle of nail polish by Deborah Lippmann. This polish is the best color ever, and though it might suck taking it off (as with all confetti nail polish), it is such a happy color, perfect for the holidays.

I love to look to Urban Outfitters for ideas for gifts – they usually have cute gifts that are on sale during the holidays. I have yet to buy something full price at UO, so always check out their sale section!

This elephant ring holder has an exquisite, vintage look! How adorable would your rings look on this?!

Laundry is a drag, but Urban Outfitters has the cutest ruffle laundry bag to hold your laundry! Totally worth doing laundry to look at this cute bag right?

My last idea for a gift is a whole brand. I am a complete ELF person. No, not Elf, the movie… ELF, the makeup brand! ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face, and it’s a cosmetics brand that is inexpensive but of really good quality. They have many products for $1 a piece, most of their products fall under $10. For 30 dollars, can you imagine what you could buy?! You can also find it at Target!

How’s your holiday shopping coming along?

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One Response to [Guest Post] Holiday Gift Guide by Liz of Chanel and Chocolate Cake

  1. Lori says:

    Love that nail polish! And the laundry bag looks like it would make a great skirt!


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