Printable Instagram Mini Calendar

Raise your hand if you love Instagram! I love it and I don’t even have an iPhone – I steal Marc’s at any available moment to scroll through my feed or add new photos of my cat. Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you to snap photos, apply cool filters, and share them with an online community. But what do you do with your Instagram snaps after you’ve taken them?

Cool project ideas have been popping up everywhere: make teeny tiny prints for gifts, combine several photos to make a photostrip, or turn them into magnets or postcards to send to friends. There are so many fun ways to save and share your favorite Instagram photos!

I created this free, printable, downloadable mini calendar template that you can customize with your very own photos! So that everyone can share in the fun, I’ve included a template for Photoshop as well as good ol’ Microsoft Word.

Download for PhotoshopDownload for Word

1. Collect the images you want to use. They do not need to be from the Instagram app, but the template is designed to work with square images, so you may need to do a little cropping. An easy way to download your Instagram images to your computer is by setting up an Instagrid account to view your photos online.

2. Use your favorite photo-editing software to resize your image to 3.5 in x 3.5 in. If you don’t have Photoshop or something similar, you can use Picnik online for free.

3. Open up your template.

For Photoshop, click on the layer labeled “Click here, paste photo,” then paste your photo. Slide the photo up to the top of the frame so that it lines up nicely with the calendar portion. Repeat with your remaining photos.

For Word, click inside the square where you wish to insert your photo. Go to Insert > Image > From File and locate your photo on your hard drive. You photo should appear neatly in its box. Repeat with your remaining photos.

4. Hit “Print.” Adjust your printer’s settings to “Best” – this may look different depending on you computer and printer, so when in doubt, read your printer’s manual. I promise, it will look way better if you do.

5. Print, cut, and hang you calendar! You can use binder clips, pin up the pages individually, or paste them in your planner. Enjoy!

This template is for non-commercial use only. This means, feel free to share, edit and use this template however you want, but please do not use it to produce products that you plan to sell or make money off of in any way. That just wouldn’t be fair. 😉

I hope you enjoy your new, custom calendar! Please send pics if you make one, I would love to see it!

What’s the most creative use of cell phone photos you have seen?

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17 Responses to Printable Instagram Mini Calendar

  1. layla says:

    Very cute!! I’m gonna do this!

  2. Clare says:

    Such a cute idea!

  3. Loribeth says:

    The new site looks great!!!

  4. Jessica Lynn says:

    Totally doing this asap! Love it!!1

  5. Jessica Lynn says:

    Quick question! It prints on a regular-size piece of paper, right? I can’t tell how big it is from the photos…I’m guessing it’s small since it’s a “mini” calendar 🙂

  6. Frankie says:

    Really cute Idea Kir! I love it. I use my droid phone’s camera to take pictures whenever I feel lazy, or when I don’t have easy access to my dslr. Some of the pictures I’ve been able to get with it are amazing. Perhaps I’ll have to make a little calendar for someone soon.

  7. Fee says:

    Neat idea 🙂 Ill be making on for myself tonight i dare say – I have reposted this on my blog to share the love 🙂

  8. Emily says:

    I downloaded the template and printed some calendar pages right away! You can see the January page here:

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  10. It’s official, I am now stalking you! First bit of info I’m combing the blog for is your instagram name. This is too cute and I plan on making one…. Someday. I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to actually getting things done. But I’ll be sure to share when I do!

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator


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