Weekend Journal: Your Worst Fear!

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend, even if you had to go back to work today. My weekend certainly had some highs and lows… Let me tell you about the important lesson I learned…

Fill up your gas tank! Everyone knows that LA is legendary for its traffic. On Friday afternoon, I left a client’s house to be met with some of the worst traffic I have experienced yet – it took me over an hour to travel two miles to the freeway! My gas light had gone on the previous day but I never drive very far or for very long so I wasn’t super concerned. I jokingly texted Marcus to say I hoped I wasn’t going to run out of gas.

I should’ve knocked on wood or something because as I was rounding a curve on the lovely Pacific Coast Highway, I felt my car start to sloooow down. I put my flashers on, pulled onto the shoulder, and rolled as far as I could until my trusty vehicle finally rolled to a stop. My immediate thought was absolute panic – despite never having an accident or getting a ticket of any kind, I am not confident driver at all. I actually had really bad anxiety about it after moving to LA that I’ve finally mostly gotten over. But a took a deep breath and relaxed – I wasn’t going anywhere anyway!

I called my office and told them I wasn’t going to make it to my next appointment. “Car trouble,” I told them. Indeed. Then I called Marcus who was trying his best not to sound super disappointed in me. He was already on his way home from work so he said he’d head my way. Luckily there was a gas station literally around the corner, so I walked over there, bought a gas can, and filled it up. In case you’re wondering, you have to push the nozzle thingy in pretty hard to get any gas to come out – for a Jersey girl who only learned how to pump her own gas about two years ago, I was pretty proud of myself.

I walked back to the car and was glad I wasn’t any further away because two gallons of gas was getting kinda heavy. I was all pumped up at the prospect of being an independent woman – fueling my car from a plastic can without any help! Then I couldn’t figure out how to put the little spout thingy onto the can and didn’t want to risk spilling gas all over myself, so I opted to wait for help to arrive. That’s when I started tweeting about the whole thing – apparently running out of gas is a lot of your worst fear! Marcus arrived after a few minutes, helped me with the spout thingy, then we headed home. So thankful to have him!

Saturday was much less exciting. We went to our farmers market to grab some breakfast. We both got french toast – this is seriously the best stuff ever. Made to order, they soak the bread in the egg-y mixture then sort of scramble it up in the pan as it cooks, then add in fresh cranberries and golden raisins. Mmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I enjoyed it with some delicious fresh iced coffee.

On Sunday, we spent most of the day lazing around the house, then went out to dinner at a sushi place and had ice cream for dessert. I live for dessert!

How was your weekend? Did you learn anything new?

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12 Responses to Weekend Journal: Your Worst Fear!

  1. MK says:

    What I learned this weekend isn’t nearly as helpful as what you learned. I learned that Ludacris is a play on his actual name…Chris. So…I have that going for me. As for the gas situation, I literally start cold sweating when my gas light comes on. I’ve never run out (knock on wood) but I’ve come pretty close!

  2. Clare says:

    That sucks! That has happened to me before but not in traffic on a major highway. It’s not fun! Ever since it happened to me once I will never let it happen again. I hardly ever even let my gas light go on now because I want to avoid that situation all together. At least there was a gas station nearby!

  3. Jon Pham says:

    Sounds stressful! Do you have AAA? I’ve never had to resort to this, but they’ll bring you gas!

  4. Frankie says:

    Oh my goodness what an ordeal! I do fear running out of gas, but only when I let it get low, which generally is about once every three weeks. I really hate filling up my tank, and I get to have attendants pump my gas for me. If/when I live somewhere where I’m going to have to pump my own gas on a regular basis, I will probably stop driving. 🙂

  5. Lori says:

    I’m glad I only heard about this after it was over! Please don’t do it again.

  6. joanne says:

    oh kira kira kira! always get gas as soon as your car tells you and as soon as you can!!
    and seriously, i live for dessert too!

  7. I ran out of gas at 16 once, thankfully that was my only time. I can’t say I learned my lesson though. I call P in tears because my gas has been on “0 miles to empty” the past 10 minutes and I can’t find a gas station anywhere.
    I guess I’ll never learn. Thankfully, its never happened again though!

  8. Marcus says:

    Kira is usually the one yelling at me for driving around with my gas light on. How the tables have turned!

    Also, that’s one sweet car up there.

  9. Amy says:

    Oh man, what a bummer! That is one of my big fears too! I get really paranoid about it, actually.

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