Weekly Journal: Something New

Confession: despite the fact that I call this space “Her New Leaf,” trying new things has never really been a strength of mine. I like to do the things I do because I think I’m good at them. One time Marcus tried to teach me how to play tennis, and less than an hour into our “lesson,” I cried and made him take me home. I can’t be the only one who does things like this, right?

By starting my blog and naming it what I did, I hoped it would become something of a mantra; a reminder that it is okay to try new things and to not succeed at them the first time.

So when my friends decided to plan a ski trip this weekend, I said I would go. I smiled. I acted excited. But the truth is that the last time I skied, I looked like this:

Circa 1991 with my grandparents in Vermont

So, knowing what you now know about me, I’m sure you can imagine how I really felt.

But I did it, guys. I snow-suited up, strapped on my rental skis, and did it. Did I fall as soon as I stood up? Yes. Did I spend more time face down in the snow than up on my skis? Yes. Was I in tears before I reached the bottom of my first “green run?” Yes. But I was seriously so proud of myself for accomplishing something that nearly every kid in New England has accomplished by the time they are six years old.

Seriously, by the end of the day, I was bragging about everything from how well I had learned to fall to how well I could walk in my ski boots. I was begging my bruises to appear so I could show them off like badges of honor.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who tries new things all the time – I envy those people. But this lesson is for the homebodies, the people who thrive on routine and start to panic when things are out of the ordinary.

Go skiing. You can’t stop and quit halfway down the mountain. You can take all day if you want (and if you have a very patient boyfriend), but you’ll eventually get to the bottom. Just beware of snowboarders. ; )

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9 Responses to Weekly Journal: Something New

  1. Gran says:

    Good for you, Kira!!!

  2. Dad says:

    yay Nip!

  3. Shayla says:

    I haven’t been skiing since seventh grade! You make it look fun, though! 🙂

  4. hersunday says:

    I’m the exact same way. I’m so afraid to try anything that might make my look silly or anything that I might not be good at. Skiing or snowboarding is something I’m terrified of. I’ve only gone once and I’m pretty sure I cried the entire time. Kind of sad considering I live in Utah- the ski and snowboard capitol of the West! haha.

  5. Snow-suited up! *loves a good HIMYM reference* Also, way to go! I’ve lived near the mountains my whole life and never gone skiing. I’m more of a “hot cocoa in the lodge” sort of girl.

  6. Heather says:

    I live near and work for a ski resort. I haven’t been skiing. Ever. I’ve snowboarded a couple times and hurt my butt both times. And that was a few years ago. I have accepted that I am no good at it. Props to you for trying something new!

  7. kate says:

    I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding… and if given the opportunity, I think I’d feel exactly the same as you did. But hopefully I’d embrace it! For me, being in a new city and spending a lot of time by myself has pushed me out of my comfort zone! But it’s good… i know it.

  8. I just tried skiing for the first time yesterday! Yay for us! New activities and new adventures.

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