My Favorite iPhone Apps

I am a lifelong Apple computer user, but I only just got my iPhone in January. How did I survive without it for so long?? I’m kidding. Kind of. Here are my favorite apps.

iPhone image from here, edited by me

Photography Apps

Instagram (free)

Have I sufficiently expressed my love for Instagram yet? It’s an adorable app with cool filters and a large community to share your photos with. Word on the street is Instagram is coming to the Android platform soon!

Hipstamatic Disposable (free)

This is a fun app that still has a few kinks to work out. The idea is that you create a “disposable camera” and invite your friends to it. Everyone shoots photos on their own iPhone and after the 24 frames have been shot, the app shares the photos with everyone. We used it on our trip to the mountains.

I have two small problems with the app, both of which can be worked around once you know about them. First, you have to use Facebook to find your friends, so the person creating the camera needs to be Facebook friends with everyone you want to invite. Second, once a camera is created, you can’t add more friends mid-roll. Apps like this are updated all the time though, so hopefully Hipstamatic will address these issues soon!

picfx (1.99)

A cute, basic photo editing app with tons of built-in filters and frames, as well as cool extras, like light effects (bokeh, sunflare) and dirt/scratches to make your photos look old. I like how you can easily layer multiple effects (you can only use one at a time on Instagram), and you can easily share to Instagram, since picfx doesn’t have a sharing community.

postagram (free)

Postagram turns your iPhone photos into real-life postcards to send to friends and family for 99 cents a pop. I sent a bunch out this past week and they shipped really fast! You can customize your message, and the photo is perforated so your recipient can punch it out and save it.

PolyFrame (.99)

Cute framing app to combine several images in a unique way. It is really customizable in that you can adjust the angles of the frames and add any image as the background. Like picfx, you can easily share PolyFrame photos to Instagram. This app is a little glitchy and freezes up or runs slowly sometimes, but hopefully they’ll fix that soon with an update.

Hipstamatic Incredibooth (.99, I got it free)

I shared some Incredibooth images last month – it makes really cute photo booth-style photo strips in any one of four different filters. I got it on Valentine’s Day for free but I think it’s worth the 99 cents. This app may be a one-trick pony, but it does what it’s supposed to well.

Productivity Apps

• Tweetbot (2.99)

I tried a few Twitter apps and Tweetbot is by far my favorite, mostly because it works so well with Read it Later (see below). The controls are easy and intuitive and I honestly can’t think of anything I wish it did that it doesn’t. I much prefer Tweetbot to the Twitter interface I use to read my feed on my computer.

Read it Later (free for lite, 2.99 for full)

Read it Later is amazing – you can think of it as a temporary bookmark list that stores itself online so you can access it anywhere. I use it mostly because I hate reading blogs and websites on my iPhone – it’s just too small! So when I’m browsing my Twitter feed in Tweetbot and I see a link I want to check out, I click it, then hit the “Read it Later” button, and it saves it to my list. Then later when I’m on my laptop, I can access my list and read all the links I saved. It’s also awesome if you don’t have great service and a page isn’t loading on your iPhone – you can send it to your list and read it later.

Awesome Note (free for lite, 3.99 for full)

I use the lite version of this app, it works just fine. You can create different tabs for different tasks and add to-do lists, notes pages, and tons of other functions.

Wallpaper Apps

• Cuptakes (.99)

Both of these apps are totally unnecessary but just fun to have. Cuptakes has adorable, girly iPhone wallpapers and they put out updates each month.

Paper’d (free)

More cool wallpapers, less girly-themed. They have different “collections” of wallpapers in different themes to choose from.

Weather App

Swackett (free)

Cool, graphic weather app that tells you the weather and suggests appropriate outfits to wear. Again, totally unnecessary, but more fun to look at than the built-in weather app.

Shopping App

Michaels (free)

You know how mad you get when you get all the way to Michaels and you realize you forgot your coupon? Never again with this app!


Draw Something (free for lite, .99 for full)

If you don’t have this game yet, get on it. It’s like Pictionary that you play online with your friends! So fun.

Tiny Wings (.99)

When the lovely Melissa suggested this app, I sat down on the couch with it, then pages flew off the calendar and seasons changed outside my window. It is so easy to get addicted to this little bird!

What are your favorite apps? Have you tried any of these?

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25 Responses to My Favorite iPhone Apps

  1. megalagom says:

    I also just got my iphone in January and looove it! I am a game app-er, I use it to play games more than anything else! My favorites are Bejeweled (Free) Orba (99) Carcassarone (Not free, can’t remember how much). Have a few others but those are my favorites! I use “pic frame” for my photos but will try the ones you suggested because I love this one so much I want to find more! My IMDB and wiki apps get a lot of use. The most impressive one I wanted to share is one I found yesterday which is great for anyone learning a new language! Babbel – its free, just search for the name with the language. It is incredibly useful and I’m actually learning Swedish from it! (unlike other apps I have tried)

  2. Nicole says:

    so glad you posted this! I’m getting an iphone this weekend – YAY!!

  3. Lauren says:

    I’ve had that happen more than once with Michael’s, downloading that app right now. Thanks!!

  4. Frankie says:

    Good Job Kir! I feel like I’m cheating on my droid just thinking about the iphone…:)

  5. Hemborgwife says:

    Ok I have had my ipad for over a year and always wondered where cool wallpapers came from and never thought to look for an app before this! I now have them so thank you so much!

  6. hug says:

    What a wonderful post!

    went through all ur apps.
    u will surely LOVE this app: PicFrame

  7. Christine says:

    Oh man I see several apps that I don’t have that sound very interesting on your post….hmm..

  8. I just downloaded the label box app. Haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty cute! There’s an app called Apps Gone Free that I try to check daily for paid apps that are free. One of my faves is Snapseed and I’ve seen it on there twice in the last 2 months.

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  9. lisa says:

    The Read it Later app sounds awesome. I almost always read Twitter on my phone but, I’m with you, don’t like reading blogs on there. Instagram is the best 🙂

  10. Just downloaded postagram – thanks for the recommendation!

    Some of my faves are:
    – Map My Run
    – Spotify (totally worth the subscription)
    – Amazon (has a price check function)
    – GPS Plus
    – Pinterest

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  12. brookeeby06 says:

    Love these ideas. WordPress has an app but I prefer it for quick little posts.
    Apps I LOVE:
    -Pandora (always need good music)
    -CamWow (hilarious filters)
    -Gas Buddy (gotta find cheap gas)
    -Voxer (kinda like a walkie talkie)
    -Ringtone designer (uses music from your itunes library to create custom ringtones)

    Thanks for the apps!

  13. I’m getting my first Iphone this weekend too! I’ll be checking these out!Thanks 🙂

  14. roxem says:

    My absolute fave note app is Evernote. You set up a free account with them & every note you enter is saved so that you can access it from any Evernote cell app or from your computer. I write my blogs in it so I have a saved copy, then I copy/paste it into WordPress when I’m ready to publish it. LOVE IT!!

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  16. Curls & Q says:

    Star walk
    Pocket – was read it later
    Angry birds

  17. My current faves are:
    – Clear: It makes list making more tactile and fun to “complete”
    – Photo Toaster: Fun times for photo editing
    – Buzzfeed: Cannot get enough of the funny articles on here
    – Cross Process: A randomly selected color filter for your photos. Adds some nice touches
    – Buffer: Awesome way to schedule tweets/facebook posts & they have linked with Tweriod who show you the best times/days to post
    – Hello Vino: If you’re a wine drinker, it’s so helpful & in laymen’s terms (not wine-speak)
    – Good Guide: Very helpful to read rankings & info on items if you are looking to be more organic & natural in your household/personal/food purchases.

    Hope these help!

  18. Just discovered fooducate, life360 for safety purposes, and mindsnacks to learn a new language along the way…

  19. Shannon says:

    Besides what you mentioned here, my favorite photo apps are:
    ~ Fast Camera (free) – allows you to take multiple photos in seconds
    ~ Camera Awesome by SmugMug (free) – several different components available. There are free filters and paid ones but the free ones are good.
    ~ Camera+ (free) – many cool things about this app
    ~ Color Effects (free) – combine black and white with color images or “paint” them

    For music/radio, besides Pandora, TuneIn Radio is awesome. You can find radio stations all over the country by genre or location.

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  21. Some great new app tips, thanks!


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