How to Help in Uganda: Mtaala Foundation

With the recent media focus on the events in Uganda, you may want to know how you can help. It’s great to learn there are small hands-on groups like the Mtaala Foundation who are doing just that. “Mtaala,” pronounced mah-tah-lah, means “learning” in Swahili. This group is dedicated to building secondary schools in Uganda where none existed previously. These schools offer young people a chance at a life they may have never imagined. Some of the children were victims of Kony’s army; all have been affected by the atrocity.

Mtaala students gather in a classroom after school to study

100% of money raised by Mtaala goes directly toward making community improvements in Uganda. There are no salaries for foundation members; they are all volunteers. And you can help, too.

Mtaala has a brand new shop on Etsy featuring necklaces made by Mtaala students and women of the region. These beautiful beads are made of recycled paper, and will definitely add a bright pop of color to your summer outfits. And every single dollar goes right into helping the beautiful people of Uganda!

Masette, an Mtaala student, participates in bead making after school

How else can you support Mtaala? Learn more about their mission on the Mtaala website and like Mtaala on Facebook to receive updates about current happenings. Hopefully you can spare a few minutes or a few dollars to help!

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5 Responses to How to Help in Uganda: Mtaala Foundation

  1. Frankie says:

    Thanks for introducing me to an awesome organization Kir. I’m definitely going to check out their links.

  2. really great inspirational post – for an amazing cause!

    well done !

  3. fisheye3 says:

    I love knowing there are bright, happy children in Uganda who will grow up to make a changes in their country. Mtaala is doing phenomenal work with limited money. We sponsor a student for only $600/ yr. It’s wonderful to know you can really make a difference for someone. And now you can go to Etsy and help in your own way.
    Thank, Kira, for writing about such a great organization.

  4. Bee - says:

    Reblogged this on allofbee and commented:
    What a great organisation!

  5. Bee - says:

    Reblogged on allofbee and added ‘What a great organisation!’
    Thanks for sharing this 😀


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