A Day In the Life

I love to read “Day In the Life” posts on blogs – there’s something about seeing a person’s entire day that is just captivating to me! So last Wednesday on a whim, I decided to take extra photos throughout the day and put them into a post to share them with you.

At 7:30, I wake up to sun streaming through the window. I check my email, Twitter, and Instagram on my phone – I am not a morning person, so waking up is a huge production for me! I finally get out of bed and make breakfast: Greek yogurt, granola, honey, and strawberries. I wonder where the kitten in, since she’s usually snuggling with me when I wake up, and I find that she’s already on bird patrol at her favorite window.

I stop at Starbucks on my way to work to use my coupon that’s about to expire – I got a coffee frappe since it feels like it’s going to be a hot day. I smile when I notice they actually spelled my name right!

I get to my client’s house at 9:00 – it is Spring Break so most of my appointments are at home this week instead of school. I work as a behavioral therapist with children on the autism spectrum. My client’s nanny and I decide to take my client and his brother to a nearby park – since it’s vacation, we take it easy on therapy and work on fun things like play skills and socialization.

After the boys have had enough of the park, we go back home and practice reading, then I record my data and leave. I realize my gas light has come on, and I don’t want to have another gas-related “incident,” so I stop at the gas station. Am I the only one who tries not to look at the price of gas before I fill up? It’s just too depressing!

When I get home, I go out to water my plants. It’s kind of late in the day to do so, but I can never get it together enough to do it before work! I notice that my cucumber seeds have sprouted, which makes me happy. Then I pull some weeds – we have this nasty beach grass that grows in our yard, and it is impossible to get rid of!

I make myself a quick lunch of a thin crust spinach pizza from Trader Joe’s, some crock pot leftovers, and a tiny avocado I got from the farmer’s market. All delicious.

I have a few minutes before I have to leave again, so I say hello to Scout, who is apparently still on bird duty. I switch on the tv and watch the previous day’s Ellen – I watch her almost every day! I check in on Twitter, then Scout decides I have had enough computer time and demands a scratch.

I hop back in the car and head to another client’s house. On Wednesdays we go to a class at My Gym – she’s doing really well today, so I mostly just observe and take notes. That’s the good and bad thing about my job – once my students improve, they don’t need me anymore!

I get home around 4:30 and forgot to take very many photos after that. I check in with work emails, draft a blog post, and watch a few Photoshop tutorials online. When Marcus gets home around 5:30, we have stuffed peppers for dinner, also from Trader Joe’s, also with green onions. I’m obsessed, what can I say? After dinner, we watch some tv and eventually head to bed.

So there you have it, nothing too exciting, just a typical Wednesday!

What does a day in your life look like?

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27 Responses to A Day In the Life

  1. Jessica Lynn says:

    I love day-in-the-life posts! I had no idea what you did for a living, so this was really cool to see!

  2. loveandrenovations says:

    Oh my goodness, Kira, I didn’t realize that you literally have my dream job. We totally need to chat sometime! I’m about to (hopefully) start working on my masters so I can begin working towards getting my BCBA so I can be a behavioral therapist – I want to pick your brain! 🙂

    • Pick away! I’m a bit frustrated with it lately because there’s not much room for advancement for me, since I’m not interested in getting my BCBA – at my company, you can’t get promoted to case manager unless you are at least in the process of acquiring it (which I understand). I think the secret is to find a great company to work for – there are so many and they are all over the map in terms of training, education, and results. Feel free to send me an email!

  3. Lori says:

    Interesting day! Is your keyboard looking a bit naked? Hmmm

  4. Danielle says:

    This was such a great post to read. I too love looking through a typical day in the life of something. I had no idea you worked with autistic children — that’s so fabulous! You are doing great things for them and their families.

  5. hersundaykim says:

    I love day in the life posts! I think it’s fascinating to see what other people do with their time.

  6. Christine says:

    Love this post. I feel like I know more about you! But I already knew that you’re awesome!

  7. Gran says:

    So nice to spend the day with you… even long distance. Thanks. Gran

  8. I love these types of posts too – so fun to see what everyone else’s day looks like, especially folks that don’t have the traditional 9-5.

  9. Punky says:

    Oh Kira, I’m SO glad I found your blog! I’ve gone thru a number of your posts already and I absolutely love the look and vibe around here. I think those photoshop tutorials are paying off.. in a big way!! Loved this post.

  10. Frankie says:

    Yay Kir. I loved your day in the life post! Guess you’re still not a morning person 🙂

  11. Syndal says:

    I love this day in the life post! also, I didn’t know you were a behavioral therapist-how interesting!

  12. joanne says:

    very nice day. you may want to change your attitude about the “nasty beach grass” cuz it means you LIVE NEAR THE BEACH bee-atch!!! hahaha
    i too thought your keyboard looked naked, what gives?

  13. mcampil91 says:

    I have to say, your days are much more fun than mine, haha! I’m the same as you in the morning, it always takes me forever to get out of bed.

    You have beautiful pictures! Your kitty looks adorable! 😀

    – SMarie

  14. Emily says:

    Fun – I love these kind of posts! They satisfy my nosy personality 🙂 I just might have to do one of these soon, even if my days do consist of 9 hours in front of a computer…

  15. Linda says:

    I just found your blog via a picture on Pinterest. I love the day in the life! But, $4.97 /gallon for gas? Seriously?? I just paid $3.65/gal., and whined about that!

  16. Loved this post! Like you…I enjoy ‘day in the life’ posts…and it’s also a great way to encourage and challenge yourself to take more photos and fill your day with experiences. Great!

  17. amaya73 says:

    Cool post, I’m going to try doing one like this! Scout is a cutie!

  18. Very cool post! Day in the life posts are the best! I will have to do one soon. A perfect excuse to take way more pics in a day than usual.

  19. neely wang says:

    love day in the life posts, too! very cool post!

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  21. Kira
    Im very new to blogging. Love your blogs tho, lotsa pics make it very attractive. Can you tell me how you get three pics in a row on your blog?
    I loved this day in the life blog. Im thinking of doing one because I am busy all day every day yet I feel I get nothing done……… a little evidence may help.
    Looking fwd to reading more.
    Julie (cherryberrybear)


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