7 Blogging Topics to Get You Over Bloggers’ Block

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Got bloggers’ block? Been there! Here are some suggestions for blog posts to get you back on your feet!

Write a Tutorial

The best way to gain loyal followers is to teach them something! Are you good at crafting? Photography? Cooking? Organizing? None of the above? Write a “faux-torial,” like this one I wrote on How to Have a Fantastic Weekend.

Day in the Life

I love day in the life posts! Take photos throughout your day and show your readers what a typical day looks like for you. Another twist on this could be to take one photo every hour.

Suggest Your Favorites

We all have our favorite products and companies – sing their praises and suggest them to others! If I was writing a love letter to my favorite products, I would include St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub, Celestial Seasonings Rooibos Tea, and basically everything at Trader Joe’s.

Share Some Advice

You learn new things every day, why not share some life lessons with your readers? It doesn’t need to be profound, but sharing events of your life and what they have taught you can help you to connect with your readers on a deeper level. When I wrote about feeling without guilt, I loved the stories people shared – I felt much more connected when my readers showed me they really got what I was saying!

Tour Your Town

If you were hosting visitors in your city, what would you show them? List your favorite restaurants, shops, and sights. Do a little research into your town’s history and share it! I wrote about my city of Venice a few months ago, but my guide is definitely due for an update!

Give Yourself a Challenge

Seven days of home-cooked meals! Two weeks of new outfits! A challenge can be a fantastic way to get your writing back on track. Back in December, I embraced the holiday season by writing a series called the Twelve Crafts of Christmas. It is definitely true that the more you write, the easier it gets, because that challenge motivated me to blog every single day leading up to Christmas!

Get Real

Even if your blog is about food or crafts or fashion, your readers want to know the real you. Share a current struggle or a favorite memory or an experience that changed you. Invite your readers to participate in the conversation. One of the hardest posts for me to write was when I admitted that I don’t love living in LA. I was met with such wonderful support, from both old friends and new, it really made a difference for me at the time. Blogging can be a tool to develop such great relationships!

How do you get over bloggers’ block?

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39 Responses to 7 Blogging Topics to Get You Over Bloggers’ Block

  1. THANK YOU!! Great timing for me. A huge blessing this day. I am grateful for this post today. I will look forward to trying several of these fabulous ideas for getting over that bloggers block. Yippee for your words.

  2. I appreciated this because I’m new to the blog world and am a little stumped on ideas, lol. Now I feel like I can get the ball rolling…. soon hopefully.

  3. youngluxemom says:

    I’m new to blogging so, this post is great for me! thanks

  4. Christine says:

    Love it Kira!! I’m going to try the “challenge”!! Will have to think of one…..

  5. amandadanae says:

    Great tips! I’ll be using some of the tips listed 🙂 Love how colorful and bright your blog is!

  6. hersunday says:

    This helps so much because I run into periods of blogging writer’s block where I need an idea to kick start my writing. I’d like to work more on tutorials and that means that I have to get more motivation to do DIY’s at home.

    • Writing tutorials is a lot of work – it’s definitely hard to stay motivated sometimes! I just always keep in mind that I blog for fun, so if I ever don’t feel like it, I let myself off the hook and don’t force it. I personally feel it’s better to skip a day of blogging than to post something half-assed.

  7. penga says:

    That’s a good list! I always like those day in the life posts. And hear, hear, to trader joes goodness! Hehe.

  8. Megan Madill says:

    I wish you’d posted this a week ago! I had a serious case of blogger’s block – just completely out of the zone. I’m sure exams also had something to do with it, but these are really good ideas of some posts that don’t require you to feel like your post is particularly intelligent or well-written – just some great, simple ways of sharing your life with readers. Thanks so much! I’m bookmarking this for next time 😛

  9. really helpful tips, Kira! Thanks for sharing.

  10. laurenann05 says:

    These are great tips! I love the challenge yourself one and will probably use that the next time I’m stuck on topics. Also, I’m waiting patiently for the trader joe’s to open near us – I hear so many good things about this place!

  11. Tet Roberts says:

    Nice, just decided this week to start blog again after months – now pimping it up post some stuff so this is a welcome advise to keep on going!

  12. Hi There,
    I was also looking for blogging inspiration, and your blog is full of ideas – thank you very much for all of the great topic ideas. I plan on trying some of them out.. This weekend is Spring Barrell, perfect opportunity to blog about my town & living in wine country 🙂 Thanks again!
    -Heather Decker

  13. didiita says:

    So many great ideas! Thank you so much!!! ❤

  14. etexbill says:

    Thanks for your tips. I’ve only been blogging for about a month. I picked a topic of travel, things to do and see that are off the beaten path, because that is what I like to do. But, I have about run out of things around my area (at least I think I have). After reading your tips, I realize that I do not have to stick to my niche on every post. Thanks again.

  15. I like these tips! Great ideas.

  16. Laura says:

    I get over writer’s block, typically, by writing about writer’s block! Funny how that works… 😉 Great tips! I just started following and LOVE you blog!

  17. Frankie says:

    I accidentally liked this twice, but that’s okay because I really do love this post. You have the best blogging advice kir! I’m going to keep this in mind next time blogging block starts again. I think I tend to have the opposite problem though. I think too many things are worth blogging about, and my content is so varied because of that. I lack consistency!

    • It definitely took me a WHILE to nail down themes for my blog – I think you just have to look at your life through the lens of a blog. Instead of just writing about your life, teach your readers a skill. Like how you did will your colorful jeans post – I loved that one!

      • Frankie says:

        Thanks! One of my goals is definitely to try do more diys/ tutorials, but I’m okay just talking about my life sometimes. I like that my blog is also about documenting my life, and how I grow throughout it, or how my garden grows :).

    • Yes, definitely! I didn’t mean don’t write about your life, I just meant that changing the tone you write in can be more inclusive. Like this week, instead of writing “I went to the food trucks,” I wrote “this is something you can do when you come to LA.” Phrasing it in a way that tells your readers what they gain from reading you post is helpful!

    • I just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t trying to insult your writing style – ❤ your blog!

  18. What great tips! Thanks! To overcome my “blank stare” days, I now sit at the computer and just start typing. I did NaNoWriMo just over a year ago and the free flow from brain to keyboard is awesome. The tricky part is that while crazy, awesome stuff comes out, the editing part can be a little messy – BUT no one ever writes about editor’s block! 😀 Thanks again!

  19. Thanks for the inspiration, very timely!

  20. Alyse says:

    The best way to deal with bloggers block is to wrote about anything. Write about your day, write about a book you read. Write about a story from your childhood. Even if it turns out to be rubbish, then at least you got the cogs turning.

    I frequently look up lists of essay questions. You know, write about a time when you did something you never believed you could do. That in itself could be a series. “2 weeks of essay questions” lol.

    Mostly, just write every day, even if it’s not for your blog. 🙂
    PS I’m bookmarking this for when I need a topic to write about. You have given so many good suggestions.

  21. auntie k says:

    I have blogger’s block right now! 😦

  22. Saar Dockx says:

    This is a really helpful blogpost!! 😀 Thank you very much!!
    I really like the DIY posts and the A day in the life… can be really fun to do I think!! 😀

  23. Great post! I already did a day in pictures thanks to reading about yours, and I love these new ideas. Great post for a blogging novice!

  24. Molly says:

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  25. Antionette says:

    Thank you for this! I’ll definitely be trying some of these out — especially “getting real,” which I’m trying to incorporate more of in my food blog.

  26. alliefarout says:

    Fantastic post!!! This is super helpful. Thank you! =D

  27. Tammy says:

    Nice blog -thank you for sharing your time and your talents with the rest of us! I definitely learned a thing or two. You’re awesome!

  28. chyrondave says:

    Great article. I find that I run into this sometimes because I’m trying to post at least once a day. While I have done some things (every Wednesday/Thursday I post my comic book picks of the week, and I have been keeping track of my 100 books in 366 days plan, too), I sometimes find myself starving for something to write. Usually at that point, I fall back on posting a quote that I liked from music, a movie, a book, or a TV show.

  29. KylaB says:

    Thanks for your ideas. I’ve certainly learnt a few things from your tips.


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